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CENIZAS (2018)


Ecuador / USA / Uruguay / 80 minutes

Caridad hasn’t spoken to her father in years—not since he left the family under a cloud of suspicion and accusations. But that changes when a long dormant volcano starts spewing ash and Caridad finds herself isolated and trapped within the blast zone. Out of options, she reaches out to her father and confronts the emotions she repressed for so many years.

CENIZAS is an keenly observed and delicately rendered family drama and the second feature from Ecuadorian writer/director Juan Sebastián Jácome. This film is an examination of a family in crisis set under the looming cloud of a geological disaster. Joined by Samanta Caicedo as Caridad and Diego Naranjo as her father Galo, Jácome explores the moments and emotions that lead to the confrontation of issues that that stayed as tabboos for many years.

This films is a coproduction between AbacaFilms and Rain Dogs Cine (Uruguay). Rain Dogs is the production company behind ANINA and UNA NOCHE SIN LUNA. CENIZAS is produced by Irina Caballero (RUTA DE LA LUNA), Andrew Hevia (MOONLIGHT, Best Picture Winner at the 2017 Academy Awards), and Germán Tejeira from Rain Dogs Cine.
Sales and festivals representation is managed by FiGa Films.

For its shooting stage, CENIZAS received grants from international film funds such as Programa Ibermedia and CNCine Ecuador (ICCA Ecuador).

The cast of CENIZAS is also composed by Juana Estrella, Estela Álvarez, and Pavel Almeida. The crew includes the participation of director of photography Simón Brauer (ALBA), art director Emilia Dávila (MEJOR NO HABLAR DE CIERTAS COSAS), editor Julián Goyoaga (ANINA), composer Xavier Müller (RUTA DE LA LUNA), sound designer Estebanoise Brauer (SIN MUERTOS NO HAY CARNAVAL), etc.

CENIZAS is currently finished and will have its international premiere in the first semester of 2018.
(updated: January 2018)

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