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World Premiere: Berlinale Generation
Official Selection
: Festival de Cine Huelva, Latinbeat, IFFPanama, Frameline Film Festival, Kolkata Film Festival, etc.
Supported by: Tribeca Film Institute, Programa Ibermedia, CNCine Ecuador, Laboratorio de Guión Cine y Creación (Oaxaca), AustraLab-FICValdivia, Latino Film Fund.
Sales AgentM-Appeal
Genre: Drama
Approximate Duration: 85 minutes
Year of Release: 2014

Synopsis: Days prior to the 1999 collapse of Ecuador’s banking system, JUAN PABLO, 16, travels to the family hacienda in the Andes, where his uncle, a prominent banker involved in a corruption scandal, has taken refuge with his wife and teenage children. There, Juan Pablo meets JUANO, 17, an enigmatic, self-assured black-metal fan from the nearby pueblo, who opens his eyes to a new, liberating universe. As his country and family is heading for the abyss, the two boys’ budding friendship develops into a fragile romance and Juan Pablo is forced to define himself against his chaotic surroundings.Director: Diego Araujo
Producer: Hanne-Lovise Skartveit
Co-Producers: Irina Caballero, Juan Sebastián Jácome, Andrés Longares
Director of Photography: Magela Crosignani
Art Director: Roberto Frisone
Sound: Juan José Luzuriaga
Original Music: Daniele Luppi
Main Cast: Juan Manuel Arregui, Andrés Paredes